The Republicans in Congress are Useless!


Mitch McConnell and John Boehner typify what is wrong with the Republican Party. Their allegiance is not for the people who voted them into office, nor is it to the principles of the party itself. Instead, they are proverbially in bed with the Democrats and have has their own interests and self-perpetuation as their paramount concern.

Their most recent digression against the will of their constituents was to pass obama’s trade bill through the Senate. What other negligent baggage will they carry into June—the re-passage of the anti-Bill of Rights Patriot Act? Plus, where has Congress been in the repeal of Obamacare, creating legislation to secure our southern border, checking/balancing obama’s unilateral legislation through executive action, or reinvigorating the massive-job creating Keystone Pipeline?

Instead, McConnell and Boehner rebuke and politically neuter those within their ranks who do not comply with their own agenda. Even when the Republicans publically cast their dispersions against Obama and the Democrats, there is never any effective action behind those words. Just look at what the Republicans have achieved since gaining both houses in 2015. Name one accomplishment? Name anything they did that they promised they would do?

Plus, because the Republican Party has created such negative baggage, can they ever recover? Do we need a fresh new start with an entirely new political party—a party that would combine the best of the Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party and yes Republicans? I say some immediate changes need to be made or our once great republic will be just a short footnote in the history of the world.