The Hidden Reality:

The Recipe Fairy- “With plenty of action, lots of twists and intriguing characters, I was completely absorbed by this novel and found myself getting lost for hours while I soaked up this awesome book! I’d highly recommend this book to anybody to even slightly likes sci-fi or just wants to try something new and unique!” 

Ponce- “I found this offering to be enthralling. I felt the plot combined elements of both Harry Potter and 1084 which places its creator in a very select group of authors. The book is noteworthy in portraying the current mood and state of affairs in our country.” 



Pacific Book Review

Midwest Book Review

“The New Reality is well-researched, politically charged thriller that foreshadows the apocalyptic consequences of unchecked government and technology. The novel takes the reader on electrifying journey into the late 21st century where mankind’s knowledge far supersedes its wisdom.”  Drew Scheinen

“Stephen Martino has written a fast paced science fiction thriller. I love Stephen’s creativity and imagination as he weaves a web of intrigue and wonder. Interspersed with comedy and emotion, it’s a great ride that I could easily see being made into a movie.”      Herb Fogler

“Readers are in for a chilling thrill ride…” -Pacific Review

“Once you start reading it, you don’t want to stop…” -Little Read Riding Hood

“Great story. Keep them coming.” -Betty Brune

“The New Reality is an exciting page turner that will keep you guessing…” -She Treads Softly


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