The World Burns and Obama Remains on the Golf Course


America not only needs a leader but also deserves one also. A true leader puts those they lead’s needs before their own. A leader stands up to the challenges set before them and faces it with dignity and determination.

Unfortunately, a large void has been created due to the incompetence of the Obama administration. As our president plays golf, our country and the world burns without direction:

-Churches are set aflame in the Middle East

-China and Russia taunt us with their fighter planes

-An American journalist is beheaded

-ISIS is forming a Caliphate in The Middle East

-Our marine is still in a Mexican prison

-Our southern border has fallen

-An American General is assassinated

-The VA remains in shambles

-The administration is plague by scandals: VA, NSA, IRS, and Benghazi

-The debt has increased 8 trillion dollars

-S&P downgrades US credit rating

-The dollar is in rapid decline

-The world looks for a new global currency

-The US workforce is at an all-time lowest since Jimmy Carter

-Government subsidies high skyrocketed

-Obamacare is a proven failure and mass waste of money

-Foreign countries are declining to in invest in US because of highest tax rates

Where are we are our next generation of American headed. There has been no forward progress made by Obama. We are set to self-destruct. God save our country!

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