How to Win the War on Terror


The “War on Terror” was coined by President Bush, denied by Obama and fought for by our brave soldiers. However, as the Middle East burns and the rise of increased radical Islam groups like ISIS take hold, it seems that we are slowly losing it.

Historians will look back and put the blame on many people and reasons for the loss. However, as our gains in the Middle East seemingly become squandered, one must ask, “What are we doing wrong?”

Many can blame poor strategy, a denial of the problem, a misunderstanding of Arab culture or a true lack of a president who is willing to fight for what is right. However, the fact remains, the more people we kill or capture over there, the more new terrorists are created. It’s a never ending loop. But how do we stop it?

The answer is really simple and few are willing to stand up say what is needed. The media and government are unwilling to acknowledge the solution and those that speak the truth are demonized.

The answer is simple. Just like in all the wars from ancient times until today, there is one main thing necessary to wage it—Money. Without money, there is no supplies, food, ammunition, or any other goods needed to pursue it. Where does the money the terrorist use to impose their radical Islam ways upon the world?

The answer is oil. Without oil, they would have nothing but sticks, sand and rocks to fight our soldiers. Without oil, they would not have the means to mount any offensive or counteroffensive. Without money, they would have no followers.

Cut off the oil and you cut off the head of our enemy.

Thus, the answer is emergency independence, and I’m not writing about all Obama’s green Solyndra failures. I’m writing about fracking, drilling, and mining for natural gas.

We have more than the means necessary to win this war. However, we still rely on foreign oil. And the proceeds from that oil are used to kill our soldiers and harass civilized society. It is insane that no one will properly address this problem and do what is needed to correct it. Instead, we send more and more of our brave men and woman into battle.

History repeats itself. Remember the only way we beat the Dessert Fox, Rommel, in tank warfare. We took away his oil. If we did the same to the Middle East victory would be assured.

Cut off the snake’s head and the body dies!

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