VA to Let Vets Get More Private Care



Many are calling for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation due to recent, unflattering revelations about the care they are providing our veterans and their cover-ups. Though Pelosi blamed Bush for the incompetence, the problem is much more widespread– especially, when you carefully look at the numbers.

While only 7 percent of the veterans in the system are from current wars, the cost of these veterans is only 4 percent of the total VA budget. What Pelosi does not truthfully tell us is that the VA budget has increased under Obama from 97.7 billion to 153.8 billion dollars.

Where is this money going? It’s like throwing good money onto bad. Unfortunately, that’s how the government works. There is not the same accountability for financial decisions in governmental agencies as there is in the private business world. If there were, our government would be out of business in a day with everyone in Washington DC sent to jail for criminal charges. Plus, the solution Pelosi and the other progressives are calling for in greater funding to the VA.

However, where has greater funding got us thus far? Numbers, unlike Pelosi, don’t lie. Many call Eric Shinseki incompetent. Nevertheless, he has announced the most intelligent statement I’ve heard out of a government agency in years. To sum it up, he will let more veterans obtain healthcare at private hospitals. He said, “(we are) increasing the care we acquire in the community through non-VA care.”

In other words, he is taking the only intelligent option and letting more veterans receive healthcare from a proven, functioning, system—a system Obama is actively tearing down and turning into the new VA.

Don’t let our healthcare system turn into the VA. We have all now seen what government care gets us: long lines, inefficient care, rationing and death. Is that what America is all about?




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