Is Ebola already spreading throughout the USA?


As the CDC confirms the first case of Ebola here in the USA, many concerns instantly arise with this revelation. First, why are we allowing ANY people flying from ANY Ebola pandemic areas return to or visit the USA? Are we looking for trouble? Is this not an insane policy? Plus, we are still not sure how contagious the virus actually is. Though the CDC claims that an infected person cannot transmit Ebola unless symptomatic, how did all those healthcare workers wearing biohazard suits contract the illness? Obviously, our knowledge of the virus is certainly lacking. Has the virus mutated? Has it become more easily transmittable?

Plus, why are all those on board the same plane as the Ebola patient NOT being notified that they are at a potential risk of having the disease? How about also telling those at the airport where the man landed they could also potentially be at risk? Is that not the right thing to do? Are all those this man came in contact with now spreading the Ebola virus across the globe? Where did all those people who flew over on the same plane as him, breathing the same recycled stale air, go? Did they fly across the country or even across the world?

Why is our government more concerned about bombing Syria than protecting American citizens? Are their flawed policies with regard to foreign travel not placing the entire country at risk of contracting Ebola? How many people must die before they do something? The answer is, we will soon find out.

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