Top Fake News Reports Since Trump’s Inauguration



Since Donald Trump has become president of the United States, the press has gone on a witch hunt like none other since Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. Their relentless negative coverage, attacks, smearing questions during press conferences, and misreporting of the news have proven both disgraceful and unprofessional. President Trump rightfully calls them the ‘opposition party’. Many in the news mock him for this comment. However, time and time again, this analogy proves true. As Mika Brzezinski from the #FakeNews network MSNBC admits, “That is our job is,” to “control exactly what people think”. I have compiled a list of some of the “Fake News” stories run by the press since Trump has become president:

1.Nonexistent Climate Change Website ‘Purge’. The New York Times claimed President Trump administration purged “climate change references” from the White House website. However, the reporter went on to acknowledge that any changes on the website were ‘part of a routine turnover of digital authority between administrations’.

2.Trump’s Comments on Sweden. Trump was blasted by CNN and many other news outlets for the president’s snide comments about Sweden’s immigration policy working ‘beautifully’. However, despite the Fake News Media’s attempts to deny the truth, rape, violence, and crime rapes are escalating in Sweden as a direct consequence of their immigration policy. Take a look at these articles: and

3.Bust of Martin Luther King removed from White House. Time wrote that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the White House. However, the truth was that the reporter had simply not seen it and misreported that it had been removed.

4.Betsy DeVos states guns should be in all schools. The press ran with a story that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stated guns should be in all schools. However, she was grossly misquoted. The media purposefully lied to the public. Instead, she said, “I would imagine that there’s probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies” when discussing a school in Wyoming that had a fence around it to protect students from grizzly bears.

5.State Department Senior Staff Resigns. The Washington Post wrote that the State Department’s entire senior management team abruptly resigned. However, the truth is that those who left were not the senior management but the politically appointed staff, and they were asked to leave by the Trump team during the routine transition period.

6.Trump’s Muslim Ban. The media continues to state relentlessly that President Trump’s executive order not to allow people from 7 foreign, volatile countries who cannot be properly vetted to enter the United States as a ‘Muslim Ban’. However, these 7 countries encompass only 13% of the Muslim world and are not the largest Muslim countries on the planet. Plus, the 7 countries cited were already designated by the Obama administration as ‘countries of concern’. In fact, all the executive order did was broaden the travel restrictions already implemented by Obama.

7.Trump plans to invade Mexico. Yahoo published an AP report about a phone call President Trump shared with Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto to curb Mexico’s “bad hombre” problem. However, the story was false, and there were no invasions plans being implemented by the White House.

8.Easing the Russian Sanctions. An NBC reporter tweeted that Trump was easing sanctions on Russia. The story was parroted across the Fake News networks. However, the story was later corrected, and the truth was that it was a technical fix to the Russian sanctions, planned under Obama, to avoid unintended cybersanction consequences.

9.Renaming Black History Month. Trump called February ‘National African American History Month’. However, Obama said the same thing without the media meltdown.

10.Rollback on background checks for guns. The AP reported, “House votes to roll back Obama rule on background checks for gun ownership”, and “House votes to rescind Obama gun background check rule”. However, the rule to be evaluated was that people who use a third party to manage their SSDI or SSI benefits due to some sort of mental handicap may be barred from purchasing a hand gun.

11.Attorny General Jeff Session perjured himself to Congress. The media is a buzz about Jeff Sessions allegedly perjuring himself to Congress when he stated that he had not had a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government. However, the truth is Sessions answered the question correctly. He did not meet with any Russian ambassador as a Trump surrogate. The truth is as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee , he did have contact with 20 ambassadors in THAT ROLE during 2016. He was not a surrogate for Trump. He was a surrogate in a way for the USA.

12. Rachel Maddow reports that massive riots and protests in Venezuela a result of the government giving funds to President Trump’s campaign. This claim was just about as nearsighted as she could get with those thick, black glasses. Unfortunately, the Venezuelans are protesting because socialism has failed them and that they are unemployed and starving. Nice reporting Maddow! Another winner since you released President Trump’s taxes!

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