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Stephen Martino receives national recognition through the NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD®!

The NYC BIG BOOK AWARD recognized The New Reality by Stephen Martino in the category of Thriller as a Distinguished Favorite. The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected award winners and distinguished favorites are based on overall excellence.

Author Stephen Martino delivers an action-packed medical thriller in a heart-stopping race to save humanity in his award winning and Amazon bestselling novel The New Reality.

In the year 2080, a deadly virus similar the CORONAVIRUS is inadvertently released upon the planet. Facing financial ruin and catastrophic loss of life, the world’s nations turn to acclaimed neuroscientist Alex Pella and NIH expert Marissa Ambrosia. Assembling a team of experts, the scientists begin an international search for the cure while fighting off a foreign elite military unit sent to stop them at all costs. Guided by a code concealed within the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, the scientists must traverse ancient lands and solve a biblical riddle in their quest to save humanity from its eminent destruction.

Drawing from both our nation’s politically charged environment and the worldwide economic crisis, The New Reality follows Alex Pella on a journey that projects a frightening path for human existence in the twenty-first century.

In 2020, the NYC Big Book Award once again achieved worldwide participation.  Entries remained strong during the worldwide pandemic. Book submissions streamed in from six continents and over 100 cities. Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America all participated.  Across the globe, book entries poured in from places such as Budapest, Capetown, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York City, Port of Spain, Vancouver and Victoria to name a few.  Winners were recognized globally from Australia, Canada, England, India, Singapore, Uganda and the United States of America among others.

The breadth of publishers ranged from Amazon to Wiley, from Black Rose Writing to She Writes Press.  Our award-winning authors are from all kinds of different backgrounds and enrich the program.  We are proud of such diversity of winners and distinguished favorites in the annual NYC Big Book Award.

“We are pleased to highlight these books, recognize their excellence, and share their achievements.” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.  The awards program “foments a strong interest in these authors and publishing houses and we expect our winners and favorites to receive a heightened level of attention.”  Olczak went on to say that “excellent books can be found globally, and we are happy to help bring them to a larger audience.”

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Alex Pella, the acclaimed neuroscientist, is in a heart-stopping race to save humanity.

The action-packed stories The New Reality, The Hidden Reality, and The Final Reality draw from both our nation’s politically charged environment and the worldwide economic crisis which project a frightening path for human existence in the twenty-first century. Amazon Best Seller, Stephen Martino’s conservative trilogy takes a hard-hitting look into a future world governed by the economic elite- a world where the first and second Amendments don’t exist and personal freedoms are all but a distant memory.

The New Reality. In the year 2080, a deadly retrovirus is inadvertently released upon the planet. Facing financial ruin and catastrophic loss of life, the world’s nations turn to acclaimed neuroscientist Alex Pella and NIH expert Marissa Ambrosia. Assembling a team of experts, the scientists begin an international search for the cure while fighting off a foreign elite military unit sent to stop them at all costs. Guided by a code concealed within the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, the scientists must traverse ancient lands and solve a biblical riddle in their quest to save humanity from its eminent destruction.

The Hidden Reality. The brilliant doctor and inventor Alex Pella finds himself caught in a deadly power struggle between the tyrant who rules and the one who would. As he sets out on a mission to unravel the New World Order, he must also face the hidden truths about his own genetic heritage, truths that are slowly destroying him. When he receives an ambiguous message sent from a man long since dead, Alex learns that the only way to win his battle against The New Reality is to defeat a long-forgotten enemy nearly 2,500 years old.

The Final Reality. In the high-octane conclusion of the Alex Pella novels, the brilliant doctor and inventor finds himself racing against the unstoppable ambition of Jules Windsor who now leads The New Reality. When Jules begins to uncover the powerful, long-forgotten technology behind the world’s massive megalithic structures, he sets into motion the same cascade of events that once destroyed the ancient civilization that built them. As the planet heads toward an apocalyptical upheaval not seen since biblical times, Alex and his team know they must stop Jules––and The New Reality––once and for all.

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Why President Trump Needs Steve Bannon

Once dubbed the “shadow president” by the media, chief executive strategist Steve Bannon now apparently is fighting for his life in a progressively centrist Trump administration. After supporting an Obama Care II Health Care Bill, taking unilateral actions against Syria, and failing to pursue the campaign promises which brought him into office, President Trump needs his chief strategist now more than ever. However, with recent comments that the president has made against Bannon such as “I’m my own strategist, and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary”, it makes it seems as if Bannon’s days in the swamp may be numbered.

Unfortunately, as President Trump further distances himself from Bannon, he further distances himself from the political platform that got him elect. As Ann Coulter’s article Lassie Come Home states, we the “president of America” back — not “the president of the world.”

I have thus compiled some of the best reasons President Trump needs the captain of his ship, Mr. Steve Bannon, more than ever:

  1. 2020. Remember, Trump did win the primary without Bannon, but he would have NEVER won the general election without him. Without Bannon, President Trump has little chance of winning re-election against any credible challenger.

  2. Bannon has not been corrupted by the left nor has he ever had centrist or progressive views which could distract the president from his populist agenda.

  3. Bannon helped set the populist agenda not only during the campaign but in the White House.

  4. President Trump has surrounded himself and aligned with centrists and some progressives. Without Bannon’s advice, the people’s voice will never be properly heard.

  5. Steve Bannon understands the problems in the South China Sea better than any top strategist in the administration.

  6. Steve Bannon is a fighter, and a true junkyard dog fighter is who we need in the White House to tackle both internal and external threats.

  7. Steve Bannon truly loves the Unites States. With so many self-hating American and apologist politicians in office, we need a man who truly believes in the motto “America first”.

  8. Steve Bannon is in the White House not because he wants the power but because it is his duty to serve the people of the United States.

  9. Steve Bannon is a loyal ally who will not turn on him like our turncoat speaker of the house, Paul Ryan.

  10. The further President Trump distances himself from Steve Bannon, the further he distances himself from his populist base. In the end, if Steve Bannon goes, so does President Trump’s base and the credibility of his entire presidency.

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Review


Cubital tunnel syndrome is a common nerve entrapment syndrome in the body occurring with an incidence of 24.7 cases per 100,000 persons per year (Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2015 Jan; 112(1-2): 14–26), second only to carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes injured or irritated on the inside aspect of the elbow (funny bone) through compression, stretching, or other traumatic insult. In this area of the elbow, the nerve is relatively unprotected between the bone and the skin in an anatomical space named the cubital tunnel.

cubital review

Symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome can be insidious in nature or more abrupt if it occurs after some traumatic event to the elbow or nerve. Symptoms usually begin with numbness or tingling in the pinky and ring finger and can extend up the forearm. Sleeping on the elbow, leaning the elbow on a chair or desk, or any acute or repetitive injury to the elbow can initiate or make the symptoms worsen. If the condition progresses, a person may have weakness and clumsiness of the hand, muscle wasting in the hand, or have a hand deformity known as “ulnar claw hand”.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is most common in people who have jobs where their elbow is bent most of the day, where they are leaning on their elbow most of the day, or where there could be any repetitive injury to the elbow during the day. Also, recreational activities like playing a musical instrument (guitar) or participating in certain sports (golf or tennis) can increase the risk of acquiring an injury to the ulnar nerve.

The most effective treatment, especially in the earlier stages, is to avoid the cause of the symptoms if possible. Sleeping differently, not leaning on the elbow at work, or avoidance of certain recreational activities may help alleviate the problem. Also, certain elbow braces which decompress the elbow area where the ulnar nerve is located or braces that inhibited bending of the elbow have proven efficacious for this condition ( L3762). Plus, some find improvement through physical therapy.


However, if the cubital tunnel symptoms progress despite conservative measures, more aggressive treatment options are available. Steroid injections into the cubital tunnel itself or surgery may be possible options. With surgery, the nerve in the region of the elbow is explored and any compressive tissues that may be aggravating the area.


*Surgical Area Exploration During Surgery

Not only can there be the afore mentioned physical ailments from cubital tunnel syndrome, but it can also lead to work loss and disability. Musculoskeletal disorders including cubital tunnel syndrome are one of the most common work-related diseases. Work. 2015;51(4):635-44. It is estimated that cubital tunnel syndrome occurs at an annual incidence 0.8% per person-year in laborers doing repetitive work activities. Scand J Work Environ Health. 2004 Jun;30(3):234-40. Plus, the mean wage replacement and medical benefits paid per case on average $19,100 and $15,200, respectively. Am J Ind Med. 2010 Dec; 53(12):1242-51.

In the end, the best defense against cubital tunnel syndrome is knowledge. Understanding the causes of this condition and treatment options enable cubital tunnel to be treated early and more easily. Avoidance of certain activities and specific bracing of the elbow can help avoid long term weakness, discomfort, and even work loss.

As a physician, I would highly recommend the Lonnie Brace for both cubital tunnel problems or tennis elbow. Its unique design decompresses and speeds up recovery of an injury to the ulnar nerve or elbow.  Plus, it has a removable hinge to limit elbow mobility if required. It is also recognized by DME and has an L Code (3762) for billing:



How Capitalism Saved Thanksgiving


A recent event made me recall the history of the Plymouth colony’s survival in the new world of North America. Let me first recant the true story of Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1620’s as written by then Governor William Bradford in Of Plymouth Plantation.

After the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620, they enjoyed their first harvest of corn in 1621 and had a feast at that time to celebrate the occasion. Today, we remember this event as Thanksgiving Day. However, that is where the story ends in most text books and the real story begins.

When the Plymouth colony began, it was based upon a communal farming system whereby nobody owned the land and all farming duties were shared equally by the male colonist. However, by 1623, Governor Bradford realized this agrarian utopia as later envision by Lenin, Marx, Obama, and Sanders was a complete failure and the colony was starving as a result. Just like in Jamestown, there was not enough food to sustain the townspeople through the cold winter. It was not until Governor Bradford decided to divide the land into parcels and distribute them to each family that Plymouth became a sustainable colony. This capitalistic change marked a discernable divergence from its unsuccessful socialistic/communistic beginnings.

Once the last was distributed into the hands of its citizens, crops became plentiful. Those men who previously feigned sickness and injury not to work were now toiling the fields with as much stamina as their neighbor. The real lesson learned here is that incentive creates initiative. On the other hand, when incentive is lost, so is initiative and work degrades to the lowest common denominator.

This example plays out time and time again over history and is a warning for those who want to embrace the policies of Chavez in Venezuela or Marx in Russia. Recently, here in the North East there was a large (for this area at least) snow storm. Though the US postal office delivered the mail, the mailman refused to reach out past a certain distance while in the truck to place the mail in the mailbox. As a result, we did not receive mail for days, not understanding why it was not being delivered. I had shoved out the driveway and even the mailbox. The problem was that since the mailman had to reach over some snow to deliver the mail, he decided to hold onto it instead.

However, during this same time, I had UPS packages delivered. The delivery man actually ran through almost 2 feet of snow just to bring the package to my doorstep. Even though the driveway was shoveled to the garage, the package ended up on my door step. This example is the difference between a public verses a private business. If you are thinking of voting for Sanders, Clinton, or any RINO republicans such as Kasich or Rubio, keep this little history lesson in mind.

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“Absolutely Brilliant”- The Final Reality Review

“Absolutely Brilliant!” Ken McWilliams, Amazon Reader

“It left a lasting impression on me”- Miki’s Hope, Blogger

“Screenplay worthy””- Ponce, Amazon Reader

“Hands down this is a fantastic book and well worth a read. 5/5 Star Rating”- Todd Simpson, Amazon Reader

“Best Science Fiction Thriller of 2017!”- Amazon Reader

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How did the NBC Cameraman contract the Ebola virus if it hasn’t gone Airborne?


As a physician, a concerning story appeared recently on the news. An NBC news cameraman by the name Ashoka Mukpo recently tested positive for the Ebola virus. Traditionally, we have been taught from agencies such as the CDC that the virus is contracted ONLY through contact with the secretions or blood of an actively infected person. The disease then starts with flu-like symptoms on average of 2-3 weeks after contracting the disease. It then progresses to muscle aches, joint pains, fevers, chills, sore throat and a rash. Later and more progressive stages of the virus can cause confusion, coma, multi-organ failure and hemorrhage. Plus, with a mortality rate of 50-90%, the disease is extremely deadly.

However, one must wonder how a cameraman contracted the Ebola virus? Was he in direct contact with bodily fluids from an Ebola-infected person, or did he somehow contract the virus via a different method. Though purely speculative, one must now serious ask this question as Ashoka Mukpo is now being transported back to the USA for treatment.

Has he acquired a mutated form of the virus that is airborne? Has the virus in fact gone airborne? Are our 4,000 troops being sent to West Africa in dire danger if the virus has gone airborne? Will Ashoka Mukpo be bringing a highly contagious, airborne form of the Ebola virus back to the USA? Is our government telling us the full truth about the virus?

These are all realistic questions that must be asked. As the media fails to examine these hard hitting questions, it is up to us taxpaying American citizens to do so.


Book Expo America


I am simply writing this post to thank all those who were involved in the Book Expo America (BEA). Special thanks goes out to my publisher, Light Messages, and everyone who waited in line to get a signed copy of my bestselling novel, The New Reality. The experience was priceless, and made all the long hours of writing my novel, editing it, and bringing it to publication well worth it.


Is Obama is the Modern Day Caligula


Is President Obama a modern day Caligula? Well, certain striking similarities abound that make the comparison eye-opening. Caligula was the Roman Emperor from 37 to 41 AD when he was murdered the Praetorain Guard, ending his infamous reign. This dictator has gone down in history as one of the worst Roman emperors that ever held the position. Through his financial excess, out-of-touch domestic policies and seemingly erratic behavior, he is the embodiment of a poor leader.

Ironically, despite his record, the people of Rome loved him during his day. Instead of cheering his assassination, they sought out his killers and brought them to justice. It seems almost counterintuitive but history does not lie- on the contrary, it tends to repeat itself.

You may ask why such a notorious dictator was so loved during his day. Well, when you look at what’s going on today you will understand. Caligula was one of the first politicians in recorded history to use class warfare. Like Obama, he denounced the rich and successful of his country and frequently made an example out of them to increase his popularity. He excessively taxed them, imposed charges similar to our modern day capital gains, and took their inheritance. Not only did he believe extorting from the rich would help the economy but he also believed that it would bolster his popularity among the Roman people. Well, he was certainly wrong on the first point but was correct on the second.

Is what Caligula did any different than what Obama has done during his presidency? Ironically, the two reigns seem eerily similar. During Obama’s two terms, he has consistently used class warfare, raised taxes and increased the number of people receiving federal aid; thus, growing his popularity among many individuals.

Caligula was also remembered for his excessive spending. Caligula’s payments for support, generosity and extravagance had exhausted the state’s treasury and began bankrupting the country. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we see today. With the vast expansion of government, increase in spending and an 18 trillion dollar debt, Obama has done the same thing to the United States as Caligula did to Rome. However, instead of just exhausting our treasury, Obama has put our country into a financial whole. Plus, like Caligula, we see Obama’s excesses. From the beginning of his presidency with his own over-the-top inauguration to his wife’s costly trips around the world and his own parties at the White House, he is the modern day Caligula.

Lastly, Caligula was considered mad for promoting his own horse to the position of consul. This was the highest elected political office in Rome, second only to the emperor. Well, when we look at some of those Obama has appointed to high ranking governmental positions the similarities become obvious. Van Jones, Al Armendariz and Eric Holder are just a few of his winners. To be honest, I’d rather see him appoint a horse instead of many of the people he has surrounded himself with.

Unfortunately, the similarity between Obama and Caligula is clear. However, Caligula only had 4 years in office, and we are stuck with this self-proclaimed Emperor for another term. Lord Help us!