Why is Obama Giving up the Internet- One Interesting Theory

Unfortunately, Friday rolled around again, and the Obama White House let out further disappointing news. No, they are not doing something incredibly stupid like the Carter administration and giving up the Panama Canal. Instead, they are doing something stupider—they are giving up American control of the internet to the world.

First of all, what agency in the world is now set to oversee the internet? Is it the New World order? Is it the UN? Could it be a band of international bankers? The truth is, we don’t know and no agency has yet has been established. Where is the common sense in this move?

PAT BUCHANAN: It’s very negative. I think you’re transferring the custody of this immensely important function from the United States to an international community which is susceptible to and could cave in to pressures—from places like China and others in terms of what they do. I think, far better that the United States do it themselves. I agree with Mike Huckabee. They made mistakes with NSA but you don’t do it because of that out of guilt.

When you consider the problem with giving up the internet to the national community, one cannot help but wonder how other countries without a First Amendment will respond. China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and recently Turkey are all prime examples of nations already mandating strict censorship over the internet. If one world body controls the World Wide Web, there obviously will be some compromise as to its content—and unfortunately, that compromise will come at the expense of our First Amendment. There would be no other way for a United States to work with the previously mentioned countries if this outcome did not occur.

So the question thus arises: Why would the US give up control over the internet? Some blame Snowden, and state Obama is doing it to appease the national community. However, I think, and this is only conjecture, that Obama and his administration have much more loftier goals than simple appeasement.

I believe that Obama is giving up the internet to the international community to ensure censorship on the US internet. Yes, as strange as it sounds, it is a valid theory. Ever since Obama took office, he has been discrediting conservative blogs and all internet means of distributing conservative views. Time and time again, he publically trashes them in his speeches and implores Americans not to listen to them.

Obviously, with our First Amendment, he cannot directly censor the internet. Instead, he can have the international community do it without getting his hands dirty. It is both a convenient and simple solution. Honestly, with all that has been going on for the last few years at the Obama administration, I’m surprised no one else thought of this theory fist.