PROOF Clinton is NOT Healthy Enough to be President



I write this blog to express my concerns over Hillary Clinton’s neurological fitness to become the next present of the United States. In this blog I will discuss from a neurological standpoint the stroke Clinton suffered in December 2012 along with some potential complications that she may have suffered.

Stroke effecting the brain can either be due to a blot clot or a ruptured vessel. In the brain, just as the rest of the body, there are 2 main vessels: arteries and veins. Clots can occur in either of them. Though clots in the cerebral arteries are a far more common event, clots in the venous system can also occur. Through multiple media outlets (,, it was confirmed that Clinton suffered a blood clot in the transverse sinus (a major draining vein that leads to the jugular). The picture below depicts what such an event (the arrows depict the absent vein and wear the blood clot resides):


As a result of the clot, Clinton was treated with a strong blood thinner known as warfarin (Coumadin) to help dissolve the blood clot and prevent others from forming. Multiple risks could precipitate such an event. However, the ones leading to Clinton’s blot clot appear to have been due to head trauma and some dehydration. Most people assume that a person who is dehydrated appears parched and looks as if they may have been stranded on a desert island. However, one could be dehydrated and show no overt signs of this condition. Through lack of water intake and drinking caffeinated fluids, one can easily become low on their fluid status.
When a blood clot forms in a major vein in the brain, it can lead to what is known as a venous infarct. And by all accounts, this blood clot in Clinton’s brain did cause a stroke and produce demonstrable neurological deficits as demonstrated in this blog: (Medical information obtained from the AHA/ASA 2011 Guidelines- Diagnosis and Management of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis:

1.Double Vision. The following picture shoes how Clinton was wearing prisms in her glasses. Prisms are used when the eyes are not moving together and cause double vision as a result.


2.Neurocognitive Problems. Long term cognitive and memory deficits can occur as a result of a venous stroke. Plus, Clinton suffered a blood clot adjacent to her temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is the anatomical area of the brain which stores short term memories. If this this area was affected by her stroke, it is of no surprise that Clinton now suffers from memory issues. As evidenced by her aide and confidant Huma Abedin, Clinton suffers has long term cognitive deficits:


Here is another example of her confusion. Notice how quickly she loses her train of thought when not robotically reciting canned talking points:

3.Seizures. Both immediate and long term epilepsy can occur after a venous stroke. Though no media outlet confirms Clinton has seizures, a revealing video certainly raises questions as to if she suffers now from epilepsy:

Here is yet another example of what appears to be a seizure. Based upon my medical experience, I would call it a complex partial seizure. Notice the blank stare in the next segment followed by an absurd response. Plus, why would a supposed security guard rush to the podium and ask if she were OK just from a few hecklers. Something appears briefly neurologically wrong with her here:

4.Headaches. Chronic and severe headaches can also be a long term sequela of a venous infarct. Some have introduced the idea that she suffers from “blinding headaches”:


In addition, patients with venous infarcts could also suffer from, weakness, visual loss, loss of balance, or even extra fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus). What is most concerning is almost half are left with permanent psychiatric issues. Though I cannot confirm that Clinton suffers from these particular neurological issues, the American Stroke Association does state that people such as Clinton who were afflicted with a venous infarct may suffer from them. Notice how the secret service need to escort her up the stairs. It is uncertain as to if she lacks the balance or strength for such an endeavor:


With such an important election this November, it is incumbent upon each of us Americans to know as much about our candidates as possible. After considering the facts presented in this blog, one must question if Clinton in neurologically fit to be our next Command and Chief. You decide.

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