Journalism is Dead


Are there no good, honest reporters left on the planet? Where are the Edward Murrows or Walter Cronkites? No, I’m not saying journalism is completely dead, but in the 21st century, just about all of them have lost their credibility. Instead of asking the hard hitting questions or seeking the truth, they are bound now not to their journalistic morals but to their political agenda.

Take for instance the recent coverage of Obamacare. The basic truth is that Obama lied about everything in the law in order to get reelected. “You will keep the same doctors.” “Your rates will go down by 2500 dollars.” “Healthcare for everyone.” Lie, lie and another lie. There is not a shred of truth to any of these statements, and few to no reporters are calling him out on these blatant lies. If President Bush did the same, he would be crucified over the air waves.

People are losing their health coverage, losing their jobs and having their salaries cut all around the country as a result of this law. Yet, where is the press outrage? Where are the hard questions? No one is calling the president out on either of his lies or his failed policies. Remember the hard hitting questions during Watergate? Those days are long gone.

We are at the brink of a new cold war or worse yet, war with Russia and what are the latest questions for Obama on his Asian tour? “Did you like the green tea ice cream?” “How did you like the ice cream dessert in the shape of Mt. Fuji served at the state dinner?” Am I crazy but shouldn’t the press be asking about the devaluation of the yuan, North Korean nuclear tests, the imminent invasion of the Ukraine or the inefficacy of NATO?

The days of when real reporters covered the news are long gone. Now we have a presidential cheering squad that pollutes the American mild and hides the truth under a smokescreen of political correctness and progressive ideology.