Why Californians are so Liberal

On my blog today, I had an excellent response to the “Liberalism is a Disease” post by a man named Joe. Though the state of California is beautiful and for the most part, the people are truly friendly, this sad member of the union had fallen away from its roots and embraced a left-wing-progressive/socialist agenda that is slowly taking down both itself and the country. As US citizens exit the state en masse and illegal, federal law-breaking aliens rush into it, California economically, socially, and politically has become a cesspool and laughing stock of the union- with my state, New Jersey coming a close second (especially under its new left-wing nut governor). I’d like to share with you all one of the many reasons California has gone down the tubes and would be more apt to praise communist dictator and human rights violator, Kim Jong Un’s sister, than say a kind word about VP Pence at the winter Olympics. This is John’s astute post:

I was raised among liberals in California. The indoctrination begins early at school with feminist teachers. The males are emotionally neutered and the girls are allowed to think/do whatever crazy things they can come up with, as long as they view that all problems are men’s fault. So the boys and men are apologetic for everything, subjugated to females, and emasculated. That’s sort of the foundation then it gets worse.
The children are spoiled by their parents and when they finally go off to University, the harsh reality of having to do your own laundry and pay your own bills (even if it’s not their money), clean up after themselves, settle interpersonal differences without help from mommy and daddy, and the worse – feeding themselves! Many of these young ‘adults’ don’t know how to cook and have never been hungry longer than a few minutes.

Oh, such hardships! If only there was a solution… Enter the ideology of big government = New mommy/daddy to solve all your future needs and your friends’ future needs. You never have to worry about anything again, child – just vote Democrat and we’ll take care of you if things get a bit rough. And it’s all free.

Combine all this with being surrounded by people (so-called friends) who have been eating the same S-sandwich for forever, and you just fall in-line. It’s so easy to be told what to think, and you also get to feel superior for accepting whatever they want you to believe next. You are special and enlightened. Those who don’t accept right-think are to be pitied and mocked as the unsaved, misguided and/or just stupid.

If a person doesn’t snap himself out of this mindset by about age 30, they’re forever toast (imo). I moved away from the recycling mafai (Oh, don’t throw that away!) at 30, and it took about a year to start thinking clearly. But then again, I grew up hungry (water instead of milk in cereal, working at the lunch line in school so I could eat for ‘free’), so I can honestly say that I wasn’t spoiled growing up. The transition to adulthood was easier because I could already take care of myself, and enjoyed it. For many others, I could see the pain they were under, the same people who now parrot CNN, Huffingtonpost, MSNBC etc talking points.

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