Syrian Refugee Scam


Please Click on Picture to view Video of the real “plight” of the Syrian refugees.

Before welcoming the Syrian refuges with open arms, blindly accepting them all without a hint of a background check, the basic question remains as to who are these people? On the news, pictures of impoverished woman and children plaster the TV and web pages, making our heart ache at each new image. Though these pictures may be sobering, it hides the real truth about the nature of this invasion.

What most news outlet fail to inform is that 72 percent of these refugees are male—mostly in their 20’s or 30’s. The other 13 percent are woman while only 15 percent are children as reported by the United Human Rights Commission. These documented demographics are certainly not which is portrayed in the news. In fact, I only found one news agency on the web, Breitbart, which was reporting it. As the video above accurately displays, these refugees are mostly young men who don’t look impoverished, sick or even unkempt. In fact, many have cell phones and are indignant to any food or water mercifully given to them by the countries they invaded. After watching the video, I still am stunned how they throw food and water onto the rails as if they are insulted for such kind Western hospitality.

So TWO serious questions remain: Why are young, fighting men migrating West in such large numbers and Why is the mainstream media not reporting the truth? I certainly don’t have an answer to either of them, but these questions are certainly ones that need to be answered soon before the West ceases to exist. Does anyone really believe that these refugees plan to assimilate or acclimate to their new countries? The answer is a resounding no. For proof, just look at the major Western European cities most notably France. What will the West look like in 1, 5 or even 10 years down the road if the invasion continues?

Are these young fighting men terrorists? Are they here to fundamentally transform the West into a Muslim culture? Are they solely here just for cheap labor? Are there other more sinister reasons why leaders of state are so eager to welcome them? Who do they really have allegiance to? Why are no real background checks being conducted on these men? Why is the West not accepting the Christian refugees who are in the direst of needs?

The world is facing a massive crisis. History will look back at this time and say this is where it all went bad unless we do something now. Let the insanity stop before all of Western culture and our Judeo-Christian beliefs and principles are destroyed.



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