Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is America’s Next Fidel Castro


Many in the media are touting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the U.S. representative to New York’s 14th Congressional District, as a breakout star of the Democratic party. With her recent win in the 2018 midterm election, her popularity and notoriety have soared. The main stream media seems to swoon over her every word and place her up on a pedestal as if she will be the next savior of the United States.

However, as Edmund Burke once wrote, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Though Ocasio-Cortez’s beliefs to many seem original or even forward-thinking, a closer look at history will quickly reveal both their lack of originality and insight. Plus, it will also reveal the eventual catastrophe that will ensue if such political beliefs are properly enacted.

To make this historical comparison, we need not look further into the past than the 20th century with the former, disgraced dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro. It is without debate that Castro’s 49-year rule will be forever remembered as one of human rights atrocities, poverty, sickness, joblessness, and failure. What is so alarming is that Ocasio-Cortez’s beliefs echo those of this former Cuban leader. In the following comparison, I will let the historical facts let you draw your own conclusion.

Total Government Control

Ocasio-Cortez wants to disguise her total usurpation of the American peoples’ independence in the guise of the “Green New Deal”. Her plan is to create a carbon-emission free America within 10 years despite the lack of technology. The goal is at best naive and by all standard can be considered absurd. However, the far-reaching and true aim of this plan is to have the US government take total control of every aspect of American life. Independence and individualism would be dead. If she had any basic common sense, she would understand the enormous failings of Obama’s green policies and look oversees to see well Macron is doing with his own green plan.

Fidel Castro created a communist state which took control of every aspect of Cuban life. He called it Communism while Ocasio-Cortez labels it as Democratic Socialism. Whatever you call it, the end is the same: economic self-destruction and poverty.


Ocasio-Cortez believes housing is a human right and plans to fund further “housing projects” for all by “upending overdevelopment”. I’m not sure what exactly this means in her political platform. Though it seems like an oxymoron to create universal housing by stopping overdevelopment, I believe she wants housing for all—maybe just like more “projects” in the inner city.

Fidel Castro believed in universal housing. However, while those in the Communist party enjoyed extravagant living situations, the rest of the country were left in public housing—which was in stark contrast to that of Castro and his cronies. In making housing equal for all, only those at the top benefited while those in the housing projects fell into squalor as the economy faltered.

Federal Jobs Guarantee

Ocasio-Cortex touts a federal jobs guarantee with a minimal wage of $15 dollars an hour. She believes in redistribution of wealth utilizing a socialist-controlled, federal business plan.

Castro rallied against poverty, unemployment and low wages. In 1959, when Castro took power, GDP per capita for Cuba was $2,067 a year. In 1999, 40 years later, Cuba had advanced hardly at all, to $2,307. By implementing socialistic economic tactics, unemployment rose and quality of life for the Cuban citizen plummeted. Jobs for all meant no work, imprisonment, or low wages. As privatization was considered taboo in this socialist utopia, businesses were state run and unsuccessful.


Ocasio-Cortex wants Medicare for all at a cheaper rate. However, what she clearly does not understand is that the Medicare system is bankrupt. In her utopian Ponzi scheme, she fails to mention how she plans to make it more affordable and vastly expand coverage without any money to pay for it.

Castro also wanted healthcare for all, and to his credit he did achieve this goal. However, the money for his healthcare system came from the UUSR. When the USSR and all its subsidies evaporated, so did the healthcare system. His utopian dream of universal healthcare was only a reality when someone else paid for it.

Gun Control

Ocasio-Cortex is a strong proponent of strict gun control laws. Her goal is to “end America’s gun violence epidemic”. With such a strong political platform and backed up by a litany of personal armed bodyguards, there is only one way she will achieve the abolition of all gun violence—and that is total confiscation of firearms.

Castro was also an ardent believer is strong gun control. In fact, once he usurped power, Castro sent his thugs to confiscate peoples’ firearms. Using the gun registry created by the former Cuban leader, Batista he knew who owned a weapon. He understood the fact that without guns, people cannot rebel against the government. Other proponents of this strict gun control belief were Hitler of Nazi Germany and Chavez of Venezuela. However, our founding fathers understood the governmental tyranny that could ensue without private gun ownership. Thus, the second amendment of the Constitution was adopted.

Immigration Policy

Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This policy would effectively leave our borders wide open, allowing terrorists, gang members, and foreigners with communicable diseases to enter the country unabated. It is a policy of near-sightedness and self-destruction.

Fidel Castro also initially fostered an open border policy. However, with over a million people fleeing a country of little more than 10 million people, he needed to curtail this policy. Also, as he learned (unlike Ocasio-Cortez), only those that wanted to do him and his government harm actually entered the country uninvited.

Differences between Ocasio-Cortez and Fidel Castro

Ocasio-Cortez wears high heels.

Fidel Castro never wore high heels.

What is even scarier about Ocasio-Cortez is that she has absolutely no understanding of the US government or finance. Previous to running for congress she was a bartender who never ran or owned any business of her own. Plus, she only has two, mundane accomplishments which she can post to her resume: an asteroid was named after her after she won second place in a science fair and she was named the 2017 National Hispanic Institute Person of the Year by Ernesto Nieto.  Despite her lack of any training or world experience, she wants to transform both the economic and social policies of our country. Please end any further endorsement for this naive neophyte before she transforms the United States into the next Cuba or Venezuela.


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