Sick Illegal Aliens Granted Entrance to US Without Medical Exam


It’s just a matter of time now before the diseases penetrating our border start affecting the American citizen. The border patrol is overwhelmed with the inundation of illegal minors and have been forced to forgo adequate medical examination during processing. Many children are being shipped out with measles, swine flu, pneumonia, scabies, chicken pox, and other undocumented illnesses such as TB. The director of refugee health in the federal Health and Human Services Department had publically admitted their failure in screening these children adequately for infectious and communicable diseases.

Many children with fevers, cough and other signs of occult infection are reportedly being transferred out of the processing center, regardless of their medical status. Numerous others are being transported using public means, subjecting the legal American citizen to unwanted risks of infection.

Despite Obama’s best efforts to belittle this mounting crisis, people across the country are growing increasingly concerned about the problem. A recent GALLUP poll clearly showed that the American believed the most serious problem facing the nation now is the rapid and unwanted influx of illegal aliens. It rated higher than both terrorism and the failing economy. However, Obama continues to stand aloof and ignore the will of the people. His neglect and overall abandonment for the American people’s wishes and their health has become blatantly obvious as he remains totally impotent on the subject. Stalling any congressional actions, neglecting to send in the National Guard and unwilling to face the problem at hand summarize his lack any effective action to combat this invasion of not only people but also of communicable medical diseases, gangs, drugs and other social problems.

What happened to We The People. Now, it is I the King, Obama.

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