Send the National Guard to the Border


It is extremely unsettling to watch as the Obama administration worries more about further destabilizing the Middle East than securing our own border. As we send more troops oversees to risk their lives in causes that Obama will not defend, our homeland is in the process of being invaded.

This invasion is far more than just in human trafficking. It comes on multiple fronts and attacks multiple facets of the American society. First and foremost, it hits us economically. As many illegals will now receive government subsidies such as medical care, food stamps, education and other handouts, the legal American citizen will be left footing the bill. Plus, as they are shipped without warning across the country, many small towns cannot finally accommodate the financial strain the caused by the influx of these law-breaking immigrants. Remember, the federal government is 18 trillion dollars in debt, the percentage of American s at work is at an all-time low since 1978 and the need for government subsidies grows exponentially by the day.

Secondly, the invasion hits America medically. Diseases and conditions such as scabies, TB, and measles among others are now being reintroduced across the country. Because public transportation is being used to transport these illegals, who knows what one might be exposed to on a bus or train. Plus, to make matters worse, illegals can now fly legally on commercial airlines. Without a valid ID and carrying only a Notice to Appear Form and whatever disease they might have brought in from Mexico, they could be sitting next to you on an airplane, breathing the same stale, recirculated air.

Third—don’t forget about the gangs, drugs and possibly terrorists that are now flooding into the country. Ranchers and other American citizens along the border fear for their lives as their land is being overrun by these unwanted visitors. Where are their rights? Where are all these drugs going? What good will any of these gang members do for the USA?

We must all realize that America is now under siege, and our entire way of life is now in jeopardy. Many choose to ignore what is happening—just as they chose to continue to ignore Obama dismantling the Constitution, turning the esteemed position of presidency into a joke, mocking Congress, usurping the media, brainwashing our children, creating havoc in the Middle East, destroying our economy and destabilizing the dollar.

Let us stop the bleeding. Send in the National Guard to our southern border! It does not require an act of Congress nor will it require any new budgetary appropriation. We must protect ourselves first before we consider protecting the world.


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