Precaution Heighten on MERS Victim


Precautions heighten as the Saudi resident in a Florida hospital still has a low-grade fever and is being treated in isolation for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Caretakers have to wear goggles, gloves and a special suit while tending to him. Dr. Antonio Crespo says two hospital workers were showing flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with the 44-year-old man.  One was cleared, but the other was admitted to the hospital.

About 15 other workers, including two physicians at the hospital, as well as five workers at Orlando Regional Medical Center where the Saudi resident also visited, have been asked to stay home from work for two weeks until they are cleared of having the virus.

Because modern medicine still does not know the exact mechanism of transmission of the virus and because there is no treatment, patients are now being kept in extreme isolation. Plus, healthcare workers need to don safety equipment similar to that which was worn during the Ebola outbreak. Is this just a precaution or is it what is needed? Time will tell.

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