Possible Long Term Effects Of Clinton’s Stroke


Many people are not aware that Hillary Clinton actually had a stroke. However, the type of stroke she had is a rare form and with long term possible complications. Despite her stroke, no one is talking about any long term effects it may have on her. Some have suggested there may be some residual problems. However, nothing has been confirmed other than she is wearing new glasses for double vision. As a physician, I can only conjecture that this complication was directly due to the stroke we know she suffered, or that she may suffered a second stroke effecting the muscles of one of her eyes.

Regardless, the glasses do raise some suspicion about her long term health. As publicized by the American Stroke Association, some long term possible consequences of Clinton’s stroke are as follows:

  1. 6.5% chance of recurrent clot

  2. ½ patients left with permanent psychiatric disease

  3. Up to 21% do not reach complete recovery

  4. 50% suffer from chronic headaches

  5. Up to 32% with residual seizures

What, if any of these problems does Clinton have, I do not know?


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