Obamacare Dollars Being Used to Bring Illegal Immigrants on Government Doll


To ensure years of unbridled Democratic rule and the creation of a progressive nanny state, Obama is utilizing funds appropriate by the misnamed Affordable Care Act (ACA) to lure both legal and illegal immigrants onto the government doll. By utilizing a Spanish speaking TV network Univision, Obama is using taxpayer appropriated dollars funded by the ACA to promote Obamacare to Spanish speaking people.

Worse yet, Obama is also spending our ACA appropriated money on ads televised by Univision that remind illegals to renew their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) permits before they expire. This executive action signed by Obama with his infamous pen allows immigrant minors brought into the country illegally to stay another two years.

Those with any foresight can clearly understand what plan our unscrupulous president is attempting to undertake. With fiat amnesty around the corner after the election and more dependents on the government doll, it will ensure the Democratic Party millions upon millions of votes in upcoming elections. It will fundamentally change America and eradicate the country we know. The American dream we were taught will be no more. A land of dependency, mediocrity and adherence to the UN and a global government will begin.

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