Why Would Obama want Iran to Have Nuclear Capabilities?


As our president is about to concede to Iran’s nuclear aspirations, one must assess the motive behind his foreign policy. Permitting Iran to continue running nuclear centrifuges at underground sites would assuredly give this rouge country nuclear capabilities. Remember, Iran has, in effect, been at war with the United States ever since the hostage crisis of 1979. They are the same country burning US flags, who massacred US Marines in Beirut 1983, who trained Hezbollah mercenaries in the bombing of the US military housing facility at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, who threatens to wipe Israel off the map, and who continues to have mock war games against American-looking ships.

Honestly, there is no rational reason why obama would or even should allow a sworn enemy of the United States to continue such an inevitably disastrous program. It would be like President Truman giving Imperial Japan or the Nazis the atomic bomb before the conclusion of WWII. Iran’s goals and aspirations run completely contrary to that of the United States, Israel and all of Western Society. Remember, Iran has been funding and aiding in terror all over the world since 1979. Imagine the devastation that they could create with atomic weapons? Their potential to cause mass casualties would be almost unfathomable in this modern day.

Plus, if Iran obtains nuclear capabilities, so will other terrorist-run Middle Eastern countries. Saudi Arabia already openly stated that it will not be ruling out the possibility. Who will be next—maybe Syria or ISIS? The Middle East is already a cauldron of instability just waiting for the final spark to ignite and plunge the planet into another global war. The question is not: Will the Middle Eastern obtainment of nuclear weapons be the spark which ignites WWIII? The real question is: When will it ignite global war? This statement is not fear mongering or even a farfetched hypothesis. It is an unfortunate fact.

So why would Obama pursue such an inevitably disastrous policy? Here are a few possibilities. Please write down more if you can think of any:

-Is it because Obama completely distains Netanyahu and Israel?

-Is it because Obama is sympathetic to Iran and their cause?

-Is it because Obama agrees with Sharia law?

-Was it Obama’s upbringing and his Muslim beliefs?

-Does obama want the Middle East to completely destroy itself?

-Is it because Obama wants to find another disastrous way to punish the United States for what he perceives is its former transgressions?

-Is it because Obama wants to see more Americans at home and abroad die?

-Is it because Obama wants to see the United States destroyed?

-Is it because Obama just simply hates the United States and all of Western Society?

-Is it because Obama is that naïve and believes arming Iran with nuclear weapons will bring peace to the Middle East or somehow balance power in that region?

-Does Obama simply just want Israel destroyed?

Or maybe it’s a combination of many of the above stated hypothesis. I don’t know the answer but I do know one thing: A nuclear Iran will be a complete disaster that future generations (if any still exist) will look back on a say: that’s was the final straw.

Where is the press? Where is the outcry by the media? Instead of reporting the news, they blame the Republicans for posting a note to Iran on Senator Cotton’s website. Plus, they misrepresented the fact and stated that it was sent to Iran.

We have a president out of control and a mainstream media run by progressive leftist who let him do whatever he wants without question. God save our country.

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