Obama Does Not Have What it Takes to Beat ISIS!


Though Obama talked big in the speech he read from his teleprompter last night, there remains one major concern about his new policy regarding ISIS: will he do what it takes to win the war?

It is a simple yet appropriate question. As recent history clearly teaches us, bombing alone certainly does not equate to military success. Just look at Shock and Awe or our bombing campaign in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Boots on the ground wins wars. Air superiority helps ensure victory.

What scares me the most is the thought of how many American young men and woman will possibly die as a result of his incompetence and lack of decisive action. As ISIS grows stronger and larger, Obama stands impotent against making a decisive move before the midterm elections. While he procrastinates, ISIS gets stronger, better supplied and gains more recruits. Americans will die in the long run as Obama plays politics now. He cares more about his own political agenda than he does for the military men and women who will eventually risk their lives fixing his mistakes.

Unfortunately, Obama is not the man to lead America to victory. He is a weak leader without the capability to create an effective coalition. Our enemy understands this it emboldens them. Victory will thus never be ensured as long as Obama remains in the oval office.

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