Is Obama is the Modern Day Caligula


Is President Obama a modern day Caligula? Well, certain striking similarities abound that make the comparison eye-opening. Caligula was the Roman Emperor from 37 to 41 AD when he was murdered the Praetorain Guard, ending his infamous reign. This dictator has gone down in history as one of the worst Roman emperors that ever held the position. Through his financial excess, out-of-touch domestic policies and seemingly erratic behavior, he is the embodiment of a poor leader.

Ironically, despite his record, the people of Rome loved him during his day. Instead of cheering his assassination, they sought out his killers and brought them to justice. It seems almost counterintuitive but history does not lie- on the contrary, it tends to repeat itself.

You may ask why such a notorious dictator was so loved during his day. Well, when you look at what’s going on today you will understand. Caligula was one of the first politicians in recorded history to use class warfare. Like Obama, he denounced the rich and successful of his country and frequently made an example out of them to increase his popularity. He excessively taxed them, imposed charges similar to our modern day capital gains, and took their inheritance. Not only did he believe extorting from the rich would help the economy but he also believed that it would bolster his popularity among the Roman people. Well, he was certainly wrong on the first point but was correct on the second.

Is what Caligula did any different than what Obama has done during his presidency? Ironically, the two reigns seem eerily similar. During Obama’s two terms, he has consistently used class warfare, raised taxes and increased the number of people receiving federal aid; thus, growing his popularity among many individuals.

Caligula was also remembered for his excessive spending. Caligula’s payments for support, generosity and extravagance had exhausted the state’s treasury and began bankrupting the country. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we see today. With the vast expansion of government, increase in spending and an 18 trillion dollar debt, Obama has done the same thing to the United States as Caligula did to Rome. However, instead of just exhausting our treasury, Obama has put our country into a financial whole. Plus, like Caligula, we see Obama’s excesses. From the beginning of his presidency with his own over-the-top inauguration to his wife’s costly trips around the world and his own parties at the White House, he is the modern day Caligula.

Lastly, Caligula was considered mad for promoting his own horse to the position of consul. This was the highest elected political office in Rome, second only to the emperor. Well, when we look at some of those Obama has appointed to high ranking governmental positions the similarities become obvious. Van Jones, Al Armendariz and Eric Holder are just a few of his winners. To be honest, I’d rather see him appoint a horse instead of many of the people he has surrounded himself with.

Unfortunately, the similarity between Obama and Caligula is clear. However, Caligula only had 4 years in office, and we are stuck with this self-proclaimed Emperor for another term. Lord Help us!

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