Obama Jumps the Shark


The term Jumping the Shark was originally meant to describe when a television show had an episode or event whereby all shows afterwards declined in quality. This term has been expanded in the modern vernacular to take on a greater meaning. Now the term refers more broadly to any event or action whereby a person, business or other known entity begins to lose their credibility, quality or even relevance.

Last week, the Obama administration finally Jumped the Sharp. No, it did not occur with the NSA spying scandal, Benghazi scandal, Bergdahl scandal, the IRS scandal, the failed foreign policy, the rise in national debt beyond 17 trillion dollars or the vast expansion of government among other things. It actually occurred when 2 pivotal events happened over the last week.

First, when Lois Lerner’s and 7 of her colleagues’ emails were lost for a period of time that was under investigation, the jump came closer. The idea that the Obama administration thinks the American people are that stupid to believe 2 years of emails could be lost is completely absurd. The truth is that emails are stored on a server, the IRS has a multitude of backup systems, and emails are also saved by those receiving or responding to them. Thus, we should have quick and easy access to them. I would go into Lerner’s excuse, but it boggles the mind in stupidity.

Secondly, the administration finally Jumped the Shark and lost all of its remaining credibility when the patent office revoked the Redskin’s trademark name. This act was a blatant violation of personal property in the name of decency. What is scarier now is the government has set a precedent whereby they can take, however unlawful, private property at their own discretion. Now, no one’s property, business or possibly even earnings is safe from government confiscation.

The last shred of the Obama administration’s credibility has been lost. He has failed both abroad and domestically. As Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi rots in a Mexican prison, our debt rises, the Middle East burns, and Obama is on another vacation. It’s all downhill from here.

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