Obama Grants Illegal Aliens More Rights Than American Citizens


This crisis at the southern US border continues to worsen as the federal government stands idly by, watching the law of the Constitution continue to be broken at the expense of the American taxpayer. Plus, as more and more illegals cross the border, military bases are becoming refugee camps, border agents are becoming babysitters and American citizens are becoming more scared.

Worse yet, the illegals are being granted more rights by Obama’s administration than us American citizens. For example, First Amendment rights have been revoked for hospital workers at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Forced by security forces known as “Brown Shirts” to remain silent about the influx of immigrants harboring highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases, they are mandated to vainly watch as these infected people are shipped, using public transportation in some instances, to their base. These “Brown Shirts”, not unlike the offshoot Hitler’s former infamous SS unit, strip workers at the base of cellphones or any other means of communication, forcing them into silence.

Also, smugglers are forcing ranchers and other American citizens to look the other way as they escort illegal immigrants through their federally taxed land. Instead of fending off this assault on our borders, Obama watches as American private property is invaded by a foreign army of illegal immigrants and her citizens are harassed by those conducting this covert action.

In addition, the federal government is shipping these immigrants all over the country, without regard to either local or state jurisdiction. What happened to our civil liberties? What happened to asking the American people for their consent? Some have attempted at times to stop this influx while others remain unprepared as busloads are illegally unloaded on their front doorsteps. Towns and hospitals are being inundated with these illegal immigrants all over the country. Plus, with a myriad of federal handouts, we, the American taxpayer, are paying for them.

As Obama worries about the borders of Iraq and Syria, our borders are under siege. Where are our rights as Americans? What is happening to our country? Before you know it, we will be a third world nation, subservient to the whim of China and Russia. Is this the legacy of the Obama administration?

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