Again, Obama Fails to lead after the Russian-backed downing of a Civilian Plane


Is it me or does anybody else feel as if our country is spiraling out of control? It seems that every week or even day, something new occurs that disappoints me with the Obama regime or the decisions made by it.

Recently, after separatists who appear to have received both the weapon to down a Malaysian passenger plane and training to use it directly from Russia, Obama failed to lead the nation or the world in the midst of this senseless act against humanity.

While the Russian leader is standing there with a smoking gun behind his back, Obama comes across as impotent as a 100 year old man after a prostatectomy. Why is Obama not fervently out there imploring our allies to levy meaningful sanctions or take a stance against Russian aggression? Instead, he’s on the campaign trail and not on Air Force One over in Europe steadfastly rallying our allies. The old Soviet era aggression that brought us to the brink of nuclear war has once again begun. Yet, he fails to understand the ongoing significance of Putin’s actions.

Even when Putin is clearly in the wrong, Obama fails to take advantage of the situation. Does Obama even know how to take advantage of the situation? As a community organizer an avid teleprompter reader, he’s obviously does not.

The problem can be summed up simply. Obama is a man not concerned about outcome. He is so entrusted in his left-wing Marist philosophies, he appears not to care if things are going horribly wrong in this country or abroad. As long as his beliefs are sound, it does not matter what the results.

Obama has singlehandedly let the red nation of Russia rise from the ashes it was sent to by President Reagan and allowed it to once again flex its world influence and power. He is a man who pulled defeat out of almost total victory. Russia was a nonentity until he came into power.

God save our country. With Obama at the helm, we’ll soon become a nonentity.


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