What Obama Has Done Wrong Since the Terrorist Attack on Paris


What Obama Has Done Wrong Since the Terrorist Attack on Paris

  1. If Obama knew there was a major ISIS terrorist camp in Raqqa Syria, why did he not order its destruction long ago instead of waiting to give France this intelligence information after the terror attack?

  2. Despite FBI director James Comey’s admission that the Syrian refugees cannot be properly vetted, Obama double-downed on his insistence to import more Syrians despite the foreboding warning—even with the knowledge that at least 1 Paris ISIS terrorist snuck in as a Syria refugee

  3. Obama refused to admit that his comments about ISIS being “contained” just a few hours prior to the Paris attack and after the Russian airliner bombing were unfounded and at best incorrect.

  4. Obama arrived late to the moment of silence at the G-20 Conference

  5. Obama failed to admit his strategy for containing ISIS has been faulty and needs to be completely revamped

  6. Obama continues to fail to admit that there is any religious motivation behind ISIS’s actions

  7. Obama continues to talk big in his efforts to fight ISIS but does little to combat the problemMy suggestion Mr. President is to actually lead when your country, if not the world, needs a leader. For once in your life take one step away from your left wing, progressive ideology and do what’s best for the citizens of this great country which elected you

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