Obama Apologizes for Hiroshima


As Obama makes his final world-wide apology tour before ending his 8 years of disservice to the country, one wonders what was said during his visit to Hiroshima, Japan. Because he already and continues to apologize for everything that the USA has done or stands for, it is not difficulty to conceive that he disgraced the country and all those who ever fought for it again by apologizing for Hiroshima.

Before writing about the end of the second world war, you must understand Obama’s mindset about our country. Unlike President Raegan who was proud of this country and loved its history, Obama is ashamed of our heritage. He, along with other college professors and left wing American hating progressives, believe that the entire concept of America was based on lie and deceit. They believe our ancestors were evil for taking the Native American land and that our Founding Fathers were nothing but racist slave owners who oppressed the people more than King George III. They despise the entire premise of colonialism and curse each Western country, including the US, for its perceived sins committed against the world. Obama and liberals view American history not as a success story of success, growth, and prosperity but rather of a story of racial injustice and social class struggle. This idea is a rehashed belief taken directly from Marx and implemented by the leftist to describe America.

Because Obama and the progressives hate both America’s history and what it stands for, they hate America itself and want to make reparations as a result. Whether its weakening our military, destroying our economy, dwindling our role in world politics, destroying our morals, belittling our values, or even helping our enemies, they believe that these actions must be done to atone for American’s perceived sins. The belief is much like a cancer that has infected our media, schools, and now the younger generation. As the cancer grows within the country it is slowly killing it.

With regard to end of the second world war, what Obama and leftist progressives fail to realized or chose not to believe is that Japan was ready to fight to the bitter end. They had not lost a war for over 2000 years and had no word for surrender. Imperial Japan was expecting an all-out assault on their homeland and were making the final preparation for its defense. Using those civilians who committed suicide by jumping off cliffs in Saipan as examples of a proper Japanese response to American aggression, they were preparing every man, woman, and child to fight to the very end.

The Japanese called this final battle Ketsu-Go, and expected all civilians to fight with sharpened bamboo spears side by side with the imperial army during this assault. The Japanese also reserved 5,500 kamikaze planes, 1,300 suicide submarines, frogman wearing suicide vests, and several hundred piloted bombs for this final battle. Retrospectively, their commitment rivaled those of ISIS recruits of today.

People like Obama forget this history lesson and also forget that if Japan did not surrender after the second atomic bomb was dropped, there could have been US casualties in the hundreds of thousands, if not a million, as a result of an all-out land assault on Japan. Thus, apologizing for American’s actions at the end of the second war is both irresponsible and naïve. If there is any apology that is needed, it is from Obama to the American people. He, and the rest of the progressives owe us Americans an apology for destroying our country, decimating its history, making the world a more unsafe place, and dwindling future generations’ prospect of a better tomorrow.

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