No Surprise Why Americans Voted for Trump

Many liberals are surprised that President Trump won the election. Most are still in disbelief, and actively don’t won’t to accept the election results. However, what is most surprising is how many, most especially the liberal media, don’t understand why anyone would want to vote for President Trump. This misunderstanding is the exact reason why middle, working class America will continue to vote Republican in upcoming elections.

Liberals ideas no longer resonate with middle America. Their dogmatic concept of social justice, the theory of global warming, open borders, high taxes, globalism, and intrusive government among others do not put food on the table or bring jobs to America. In fact, the liberal agenda stagnates the economy and hinders job growth.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. As a lesson to my liberal friends, I would like to show why Democrats will continue to lose seats across the country. If they can’t understand these numbers, they will never win again.

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