New Easy to Use Brace for Cubital Tunnel and Tendintis


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is the second most common compressive neuropathy in the human body and represents a major cause of disability in sports and in the workforce. Second only to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in incidence, cubital tunnel effects over an estimated 7,500,000 million Americans.

Despite staggering prevalence of the condition, there is no effective yet comfortable brace available on the market until now.

Plus, tendinitis at the elbow, also technically known as epicondylitis, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, effects up to 2% of the entire population and accounts for almost 1% of the visits to the primary care physician. Peaking at age 40-50, the condition causes discomfort, can worsen cubital tunnel syndrome, and may make playing certain sports more difficult.


  • Designed to cushion elbow area

  • Isolate point of injury from contact with brace and/or other surfaces

  • Displacing pressure/friction away from the ulnar nerve

  • It allows the point of injury a chance to heal, decompress and prevent

    further injuries from occurring.

  • Comfortable and Easy to Use


  1. Bedtime: it will maximize the time in which the brace can work. By decompressing the injured area and nerve, the brace will allow the body to heal the area and nerve without unwanted compressive injury.

  2. Sitting at a desk whether at work or at class

  3. Driving- either as a passenger or driver

  4. Flying

  5. People in debilitated state where they are in a wheelchair or bed can use the brace to prevent or treat ulnar and surrounding area injury




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