Are members of the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove Behind the massive Immigration into the USA and Western Europe?


As the world digs itself deeper into economic debt, increasing wars rage across the globe, and refugees from The Middle East and Mexico are rapidly changing the landscape of Western Society, one must wonder if these events are not all somehow connected –or might I say even contrived?

Though I’m not one to jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon, recent events have certainly made me question who is really in control of our governments. It almost seems as if this utter madness which has enveloped the planet is somehow being manipulated or that the madness is someway being controlled.

If this hypothesis is correct, who are these puppeteers directing the shots? The answer in fact lies in plain sight, yet is not reported by media or spoken of by most news agencies. The first of these puppeteers is known as the Bilderberg group. Meeting annually in the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands, the richest and most powerful leaders in finance, industry and media unite in private to discuss, if not plan, their global financial initiatives for the upcoming years. Without culpability to any government or elected in any fashion, their wealth and power shape the political, economic and domestic landscape of countries across the globe. A similar congregation of powerful men meet annually at the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California. Comprised also of the whose-who of business, politics and finance, its members congregate similarly in secrecy with the same nefarious goals.

One may ask: why do they meet? The simple answer is that they meet both to secure their wealth and create new means whereby they can become ever richer and more powerful in the process. More importantly, it’s about control. With their combined wealth and power, they have both the financial means and clout to buy and manipulate any politician they need to across the entire globe. Though these men and woman were voted into office by their constituents, their loyalty lies not with the voters but with their financial backers.

Thus, by working in conjunction with one another, the members of the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove can sway politics, finance and business on a global manner. They have created a method whereby internationalism now supersedes patriotism. National governments mean nothing to them as they manipulate the world as a whole, unconcerned about attachments to any particular country. In fact, local patriotism only gets in their way and stymies their international economic aspirations.

Hence, the massive influx of illegals and refuges from Central America into the USA and from The Middle East into Western Europe who do not wish to share in their new country’s heritage or assimilate in any way. In a matter of a few short years, centuries of history and a common sense of patriotism can be essentially abated. With such a diversity of cultures within a country, nothing will be left to unify them as a whole. With both political pawns such as President Obama and with the mainstream media in their back pocket, members of the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove can garner both political and public support while arousing little suspicion. Plus, the cheap labor that the immigration brings with it is an added bonus for these global entrepreneurs.

Taking the model which I described above, you can now start to understand why the countries across the planet are headed in the trajectory to which they all seem to be spinning out of control. Whether it be the international debt or endless wars, just follow the money trail behind the politician and his or her policies and you will lead yourself back to someone involved directly or indirectly with the Bilderberg Group or Bohemian Grove.

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