Media Provides Smokescreen to hide Obama’s Deplorable Presidency and Agenda


The political agenda of Obama and the media has become irrefutable in the past few weeks. As all doubts begin to dwindle with regard to the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, the true socialistic, if not communistic, goals of the Obama party have clearly shown their face.

First, no representative from the White House was sent to James Foley’s funeral while their top brass were sent to Michael Brown funeral–who irrefutably was a thief and attacked a cop. Plus, Obama himself attempted to prevent the release of Brown robbing the convenience store and manhandling the 100 pound clerk.

However, no news was reported by the MSS or garnered any of Obama’s attention when an unarmed, young white man, Dillon Taylor, was shot by a black cop outside a 7/11 in South Salt Lake. Plus, no outcry was heard when 7 black men brutally beat a white marine into a coma.

The bottom line is that All 3 stories should receive equal press and equal disgust. None should be singled out as part of a political agenda.

People don’t understand, this is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the deplorable record of the Obama administration and divert our attention from the most pertinent problems we face: ISIS, the Obama political scandals, the VA crisis, the abject failure of Obamacare, the fall of our southern border, Obama’s failed foreign policy, the rise of China and Russia and the list can go on ad nausea.

The USA and world are on the verge of a major catastrophe. Instead of addressing these problems, Obama will be fundraising, golfing, promoting his social agenda and ignoring the issues at hand. His goal was to fundamentally change our country into an average nation as retribution for our perceived evils committed in the past. By destroying our Constitution, reputation and economy, he is doing just that!

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