Kindle Daily Deal: Political Medical Thriller


As the Ebola virus reaches pandemic proportions and spreads outside of Africa, one must ask if this disease will cause worldwide havoc like the Influenza viral outbreak of 1917. One must also ask if such a global pandemic was predicted in The Old Testament, Torah or even the Book of Revelation.

The New Reality explores these possibilities and also predicts the political, social and economic ramifications of such a biblical plague. As the world dives deeper into crippling debt, the United States’ healthcare system begins to disintegrate, and our government engages in greater militaristic actions and invades our personal freedoms, are we at a critical turning point whereby a viral outbreak such as Ebola irrevocable change life as we know it on earth?

Buy your copy of The New Reality which goes on sale as the Kindle Daily Deal on September 4, 2014.

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