Jihadist given free Pass by Obama Administration and Media as Christians and Jews around world are Slaughtered


It seems as if the Obama administration the world’s media has turned a blind eye to the Christian and Jewish tragedies occurring all throughout the world. Recent conflicts have highlighted both their disinterest and lack of regard for these religions.

Recently, the Islamic State, the jihadist group formerly known as ISIS, has taken over the entire northern area of Iraq—an area with a high Christian population. More than 200,000 Christians have been forced to flee their homes. Those remaining are killed or imprisoned.

In the wake of the Islamic State’s onslaught, Christian churches are being burnt down or occupied, thousands of manuscripts are being destroyed, and crosses are being defamed. Likewise, many homes and the remaining churches are being labeled with the letter “Noon”, the first letter of the word “Nasara” which means Christian in the Koran. If it sound similar to what happened to the homes, places of worship and the businesses of the Jews in Nazi Germany, it should. Just like the Star of David or the word Juden, these places a being defamed with the letter “Noon”.

Also, do not forget how the Christian community was treated by the Muslim Brotherhood when they took control over Egypt. Like the Islamic State, they defamed the Christians and religion with the same disregard.

Plus, as the world watched as Hamas sets out to kill every Jew in Israel, the media and Obama administration remain luke warm on the subject. Secretary Kerry has disgraced our country with the handling of the situation, and Obama only came out in the end to condemn Hamas because popular support for Israel demanded such an action.

Though I am not a conspiracy theorist, it almost seems as if the Obama wants to tear down the Judeo-Christian religions and all its morals and ethics—the same morals and ethics that built our great nation and all of Western society. Thus, Obama is letting Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the media do his dirty work. In order for him to fundamentally change our nation, he needs to fundamentally change our value system. By dismantling the Judeo-Christian religion, he sees his path in creating a new world order easier. Though it sounds farfetched, the facts do speak for themselves.


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