Is Torture Ethical?


What if you could obtain the information that could have prevented the recent attack on the London Bridge or at the Ariana Grande concert? What if you had a captured terrorist that had the information that could save countless innocent lives? How far would you go to obtain the information? Where does one’s sense of morality and faith matter under these circumstanced?

With the recent terrorist attacks in London and Egypt, one wonders if we are just witnessing the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Is constant terrorism from radical Islam now becoming the new norm?

A bigger question is will we have to sink to the terrorists’ level in order to utterly destroy them and their perverted ideology? Will we need to give up some of our humanity in order to become just as depraved as they are in order to wipe them off the face of the earth and ensure the next generation a lifetime of peace and prosperity?

In the upcoming movie, Enhanced Interrogation, the film poses that precise question. It is as if the movie is ripped straight out of the headlines and brought to the big screen. The ethical questions poses in this dramatic thriller will both make you think and test your faith long after watching it. Please become a supporter Enhanced Interrogation: Is


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