No Conservatives Christians Allowed


Has the media turned so progressive that any non-progressive, conservative thinking person is shunned from working?

Regardless of your social beliefs, you should find the treatment of David and Jason Benham by HGTV a little troubling. I understand that some disagree with their Christian beliefs but that is certainly not the point nor is it the issue. The issue is that they lost their show on HGTV not because of what they did but what they believed.

We are now finding media censoring themselves at a heightened, liberal  level. Will conservative checks now be done for every person who tries to get any job on TV, the newspaper or on the radio? If you attended a mass in which the pastor or priest demonized abortion, could you be out of a job? The scarier thing to ask is if this liberal litmus test will spill over to different professions? Remember what happened to Brendan Eich from Mozilla or the scrutiny Chick Fila-A received.

We are heading to this point. My great grandfather was the first Martino to come to the USA in the early 20th century. He left Italy after he and his other 3 brothers were arrested for attending a democratic rally. His 3 brothers died in jail, and he came here to start a better life—in a place where freedom of speech was guaranteed by law.

Where has that guarantee gone? Well ask yourselves this– how many CEO’s are going to come out and say that they are pro-life? I can guarantee it will be zero. They will be too afraid to speak their mind for fear their job or company would be in jeopardy. The media attack dogs are ready and more than willing to pounce on anybody who does not adhere to the progressive party line.

The sad part is that there is a complete double standard. Remember Obama sitting through Reverend White’s hate filled speeches? Where was the media outcry. Sure, it was discussed and written on conservative outlets, but the main stream media killed the story before it really got legs.

The truth is as the mainstream media gets more progressive, our country gets worse.

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