What France and the West are doing wrong to Fight Terrorism


As the French police raid over 150 locations for ISIS-linked terror suspects and their military bomb the Syria city of Raqqa, it only scratches the surface in creating any real solution to the terrorist problem. After the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and after the report on BuzzFeed that over 4,000 ISIS gunman have already been smuggled into Europe, one must ask why nothing of substance was done to prevent this horrific second attack in Paris? It is not like these acts of terrorism should at all come as a surprise. ISIS has been making constant threats. Plus, with the “No-Go Zones” throughout Europe breeding home-grown terrorist and presumably welcoming ISIS operatives, the war has already made its way both to the European and American homeland.

The problem with Europe and America is that although France has closed her borders, the borders of most other countries remain wide open, accepting non-vetted Syrian and other foreign immigrants. How many terrorists a day are sneaking into these countries as a result? Plus, how much more can the American and European economies support these immigrants? Here is America we cannot even take care of our own veterans, yet each illegal immigrant is receiving free health care and other government handouts—while the vets die waiting to see a doctor.

Many in the news media call it Western generosity or hospitality. However, the truth of the matter is that it should be called Western suicide. These foreigners are not assimilating. They are not taking pride in their home country’s heritage. As the rich elite revel at the cheap labor and the leftist celebrate openness, the vast majority of citizens are negatively affected by this unchecked mass migration. As already mentioned, the mere safety of the country and her citizens are at risk. Plus, economically, the migrants are taking away jobs and costing their perspective countries money that they do not have. In the end, they will economically, socially, and physically destroy all Western nations.

To make matters worse in America, Obama still wants to bring over 10,000 non-vetted Syrian migrants. When will the insanity end? Until we as Western nations make some really difficult decisions, our way of life will cease to exist—to the happiness and delight of such anti-Western minded people like Obama and Soros. Bombing a Syrian city is simply a show of force but really has made no long term gains. Until we as Western nations close our borders totally in this time of war, embrace of heritage, properly vet the immigrants here both legally and illegally, close “No-Go Zones” completely, start properly deporting appropriate immigrants, and becoming completely energy independent and free of any need for foreign oil (especially from the Middle East) the problem will continue. Let’s see how quickly these Middle Eastern countries would crack down on internal terrorist organizations within their own borders after we stopped buying their oil. They would have no other options but to capitulate as doing anything else would prove economically suicidal. Until these definite steps are made, the terrorist will continue to grow in strength and numbers by the day.


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