First Monarch President of USA: Obama


An article by Jessica Berardino recently piqued my interest. Though many have dismissed Obama’s daily assault on our Constitution, powers grabs and ratcheting down of American’s civil liberties, Law Professor and Author Francis Buckley appropriately pointed out what most in the media have failed to expose. He wrote that Obama was the first elected official, “who assumed king-like powers as President.”

Berardino’s article went on to state: Buckley explains that while this government didn’t start with President Obama, he has certainly taken it to a higher level. The professor says that the way President Obama makes and unmakes laws without consent on Congress; the spending of government dollars; committing America to war; and rewarding his friends while punishing his enemies makes him “rex quondam, rex futurus – the once and future king.”

“Who cares which party controls the Senate, if all the action is at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Buckley in his column. He believes that the main idea that the founder’s had in mind when creating the Constitution was if political power became centralized in a single person, this would be a threat to liberty. He fears that if the media doesn’t start showing more interest in the quick rise of presidential power then the future will begin to resemble the past.

The past he writes about is a return to a monarchal rule not unlike that of King George III of England during the revolutionary days. One must remember that for our government to properly function each of its branches must stay within their legal boundaries as mandated by the Constitution. The Executive branch was created to enforce the laws passed by Congress. However, Obama selectively chooses the laws he wishes to enforce or picks parts of the law that he puts into effect. Also, through executive orders, he has unilaterally created legislation and bypassed Congress in the process to pursue his socialistic agenda. With his pen and phone, he has usurped the Legislative branch of government’s power and made his position one of total authority.

Unfortunately, this exact scenario is that which the founding fathers fought so adamantly to avoid. They knew what tyranny meant and saw its deleterious consequences.

Must we as Americans head down this path and relearn what our founding fathers warned us about so many years ago? Must we live through tyranny once again before we denounce it evils? Obama has fundamentally changed our country. Unfortunately, he has changed it for the dire WORST.

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