It Finally Feels Really Good to be an American!


After almost 8 years of an Obama administration, what message has he sent to the American people about themselves and their role in the world. I’ve made a short list of how Obama and the liberal media want you to feel as an American:

1. Like a second class citizen
2. Ashamed of our heritage
3. Ashamed of the Founding Fathers
4. Like America does not matter any longer, and the notion of a nation state is an outdated relic
5. That we should put our needs second before the world’s
6. Our Judeo-Christian values a bigoted and should be thrown away
7. That we should all play the role of a victim
8. America has done much evil in the world
9. Our money and hard work means nothing
10. We owe the world something
11. Our NATO allies are evil colonialist and we should mow befriend countries like Iran
12. We are too weak to stand up to aggression by the Chinese, Russians or North Koreans
13. Our military is evil and should be downsized
14. Capitalism is evil

Donald Trumps’ foreign policy speech on 4/27/16 was a major turning point in the USA’s stance on both herself and the world. First of all, it was completely refreshing to hear Trump trumpet America First and embrace Western culture. For the first time in a while being an American and embracing Western immigrant/Judeo-Christian values felt really good. Between both Obama and the media berating us every day about our heritage, our beliefs, our religion, and our history, it was rejuvenating to hear Trump speak of America and her accomplishment with pride! Just because they hate America does not mean I must also!

Over the past 8 years, you were called a xenophobe, racist, bigot, or nativist for doing such a thing. We should feel good about being an American and all that we bring and have brought to the world. We should embrace not only our rich heritage but also look forward to our prosperous future. Obama has attempted to take that all away from us. No longer. There will be a new sheriff in town soon!

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