Why Donald Trump is Popular


As Donald Trump’s popularity continues to climb, one wonders why he appeals to so many Americans of diverse backgrounds. One argument from some ardent supports is that a success businessman like Trump is needed to run the country. Though it does seem superficially like a cogent argument, one speculates why the government should be in business in the first place. Can anyone name any successful business venture they manage? Amtrak, Social Security, Healthcare and the VA are but some of the most obvious programs that are woefully inadequate. Plus, if a private businessman could do better than the government, why are programs such as the ones previously mentioned not placed into the free market where businessmen can run them? (This argument was well articulated by Mike Church during his morning show on Sirius/XM). In addition, does being a successful businessman translate into being a successful president? I don’t know.

Another reason people support Trump is his ability to openly fight the PC police. Americans are tired of the same politically correct jargon spewed out from the political candidates and force fed to us by the media every day. Americans are discouraged by the stories of so many citizens that are politically and economically ruined if they find themselves at odds with the system. The draw in Trump is that he fights back. He says what he thinks, and openly attacks the bastion of PC dogma- the mainstream media. Many find it refreshing to hear someone actually speak his mind and fully flex their First Amendment Rights. They also find it refreshing to hear someone articulate issues that are seemingly ignored by the political class such as illegal immigration, crimes committed by illegal immigrants, a southern wall, the trade inequalities with China, and a balanced budget.

Donald Trump is also a political outsider. He is not part of what Senator Cruz calls the Washington Cartel. As we have seen after the last election, no matter how many Republicans we vote into office, or how many branches of government the Republicans control, no positive change is being undertaken. People feel as if their vote doesn’t count. No matter who goes into office, the same outcome will emerge: bigger government, more rules, more regulations and less economic growth. Thus, many Americans believe that the only way to fix Washington is to bring an outsider like Trump into this city.

Lastly and most importantly, I believe people are attracted to Trump because he is simply entertaining. No matter how you feel about the man, he can bring in ratings. Americans love entertainment, and thus many simply love Donald Trump as a result.

Will his appeal lead him into the White House? Time will tell.


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