Dollar Under Siege


As our country’s financial debt grows to insurmountable levels, the devalued dollar becomes weaker by the day. As the dollar becomes more vulnerable, so does the American way of life and our prosperity and freedom.

Recently, Sergey Glaziev, Putin’s economy advisor, outlined a plan to rid the dollar from international trade and to stop using the dollar in their currency reserves. In a bid to help weaken the US economy, Russia plans to create a ruble-yuan swap deal in order to facilitate trade financing, thus eliminating the need for the use of the dollar.

Also, China has also branched out to South Korea and opened up a clearing bank in Soul for yuan transactions. With a goal to have a currency competitive with that if the dollar, South Korea is just the first of other Asian countries they plan increased use of the yuan.

Unfortunately, the timing of communist Russia and China’s financial moves are apropos with declining US economy. As confidence in the dollar decreases, inflation increases and as US currency is being printed nonstop, our financial institutions are in a vulnerable position.

No longer does the dollar hold the prestige it once had. No longer does the world use the term as sound as the dollar. We are now in the process of witnessing the world trying to make the dollar irrelevant. As the dollar becomes irrelevant, will the once great America falter in the same path.

Obama wanted to fundamentally change our country. He despised what we as a nation stand for set and out from the beginning to change our dominant position in the world and the quality of life here at home. Making the dollar obsolete will complete both of those goals, creating a mediocre United States ashamed of its past and with no means to change its future.

This is the Obama legacy.

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