Conservatives Who Don’t Vote for Trump are Stupid


Many Americans are truly frustrated with what’s going on in Washington. Between the rise of ISIS, outsourcing of jobs, massive rise in illegal immigration, growth of government, declining American workforce participation, the squeezing out of the middle class, decline in Western values, and an out of control president among others, many are fed up with Washington. Plus, those representatives we vote into office do little, if anything at all, to change the status quo, leaving many disenfranchised and disguised.

However, all I can think of during these grim times are those 5 million ( ) presumed conservatives who did not vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. If they only turned out on that election day, would America be different today without the socialist American-hating president we have in office right now? Would our future and the future prosperity of further American generations be in such dire jeopardy as it is currently?

Think of the disaster now. Can you only imagine what irreparable consequences would ensue if Satan herself gets into office? Her domestic policies, Supreme Court nominees, deficit spending, increased size of government, and failed foreign policies would destroy the country. We cannot allow that to happen!
Not voting in this 2016 election year is like nailing the proverbial coffin lid over the USA. Just because you believe Trump, like Romney or even McCain, is not the perfect Republican candidate for the office by no means justifies not voting this November.

There is no perfect candidate nor will there ever be one. Waiting for President Reagan to be reincarnated is simply not an option. Those conservatives who chose not to vote more palatable than casting a ballot for Trump are doing just as much harm as any Hillary supporter. This passive aggressive attitude will prove nothing, and nothing positive will come out of it. This philosophy lead to another disastrous 4 year Obama debacle. The country, if not the world, needs your vote. You owe it to the USA do the right thing and cast your ballot for Trump. Leave your pride at the door and bring your brain and heart into the voting booth. Make America great again and do the right thing.
Vote Trump!

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