Bad Government is Too Much Government


The power of the presidency has far outgrown what our forefathers ever intended. The Federalists feared the rise of a monarchical rule. Unfortunately, their fears have all but come to fruition. No, we are not Russia or North Korea where the leader’s rule is absolute. However, the presidency has turned into a position whereby it rules over an entire federal system which has inundated every single aspect of our lives. Money, housing, education, jobs, the economy, and even the bedroom are all regulated by the federal government. Plus, because of the de facto impotence of the Congress and futility of the Supreme Court, the US President has control of the land.

I write this post after 2 incidents that recently occurred. The first was when President-Elect Trump admonished Boing for their outrageous pricing of the new Airforce 1 and the second was his rebuke of the pharmaceutical industry’s drug pricing. Without even being in office, stocks from these companies instantly dipped for fear of future negative repercussions.

As Obama touted, he has a pen and a phone. That’s all it takes. Through executive fiat, the President has far reaching power that clearly oversteps its intended enumerated rights set for the by the Constitution. In the Tenth Amendment, it states, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

People have become so political and ideological that they have long forgotten the intentions and warnings of our forefathers. They lived through monarchical rule and in the end, rebelled against King George III. They knew the consequences of such unbridled power. People now cheer when a president with their same political beliefs and ideas bullies their policies through Congress, shoves them down our throat, or selectively enforces laws or only parts of the laws they want. The problem is that even if you agree with the president, the Constitution is broken. The processes set forth in them are forgotten, and the power of the presidency grows by the day.

Now, when we vote for this executive chief, we are instead voting on the next proverbial king and not a leader restrained by the Constitution or other branches of government. Plus, with such a biased media who also reports Fake News such as Buzzfeed and CNN, our last theoretically unbiased check on the president has been lost. Just look at how the mainstream media failed to call out Obama on his failed Obamacare program, his disastrous foreign policy, or his grossly negligent domestic economic failures. Ironically, his approval ratings are over 50% and he has left our country and the world in a much, much worse condition than he inherited it.

We must overlook partisan politics and ideological beliefs and move back to the word of the Constitution. Without pressing a true Reset button, the power of the president and federal government will grow at the cost of all our individual liberties and livelihood. Remember, President Thomas Jefferson said, My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

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