America is Becoming a Moral a Cesspool


           I feel as if the America we know it is slowly slipping away and turning in a moral cesspool whereby the secular God called Liberty has run the true God almighty out of town. The irony is, most of us Americans don’t see what’s going on nor will understand its consequences before it’s too late.

            This atheistic path towards ultimate destruction is nothing that should come as a surprise. Our leader’s, and I use this term regretfully-Obama, faith was based upon that of hate towards our country, her history, and all that she stands for. With a communistic upbringing, mentors and friends such as Frank Marshall Davis, Professor Edward Said at Columbia, and Bill Ayers, and the Anti-Western/American preacher Reverend White, it is no surprise our country is heading quicker by the day not only towards financial disaster but also towards overall moral depravity. (See article for more of Obama’s upbringing)

            The moral code which once was once a pillar to both our individual family and to that of society has been decimated. The forefathers of this country understood that our unalienable rights as a citizen were endowed not by government but by a supreme creator. Unfortunately, these rights and the moral code to which the country was founded has been replaced by a secular belief whereby mob rules. Devine law has been replaced by the whim of the majority or just those loud enough to have their voices heard. They now mandate what is right or wrong. No longer do the Devine laws scribed in the Judeo-Christian texts apply to the modern world. Man’s laws and moral codes of ethics now supersede those that created the moral fabric which has kept Western society together for almost 2 millennia.

Not only is the Devine law under attack, but also the laws of the land are now subject to interpretation. With judicial activism and a president who no longer believes in the Constitution, we as a country are slowly slipping into anarchy. As can be seen in Fergusson and Baltimore, facts no longer matter. People are guilty before proven innocent. Facts have become irrelevant. Justice no longer requires it.

            The history of the world has repeatedly shown that when a society disregards God, it will fail to exist. From the Ten Tribes of Israel, Babylon and Rome all the way to the more recent secular governments such as the Nazis or the French under Napoleon, collapse was the end result.

            America is not far behind. She has lost her Moral Compass. As the family unit collapses, atheism rises, and morality dissolves, so does the country. Without this Moral Compass, more and more Americans feel lost, without a purpose. No wonder there are shooting, riots, a rise in financial debt, growing disrespect for our laws and cops, and an overall moral and economic decline in this country. As this Moral Compass dissolves, so does our entire society. How long will it be before our country become just an interesting footnote in history? Unfortunately, it seems as is if that day may be coming much quicker, the faster we head down this path of self-destruction.

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